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How Kolaveri and Google struck Gold ? कोलावेरी और गूगल को सोने क खजाना कैसे मिला?

Kolaveri - A new entry the Dictionary
People often discuss how to get a song or a movie in the line of sight of the audience. It is all about analysing the consumer preferences and offering the value proposition.The sucess of Kolaveri which crossed 10 Million mark, has invited various case studies from students and faculty of IIMs and other prestigious B-Schools.
Dhanush & Team

However, it seems almost everyone missed out one important subject of discussion in there analysis.

What got missed out ?
The most important part of course is Google !!  Yes ! Google owns you-tube. Google is trying to take away traffic the from TV industry, Cable industry, Movie industry. In short, Google is trying to push entertainment away from the standard mediums to your cell phone, to your iPhone,to your android phones. You might have noticed that everytime you upload your own content to youtube and do a google search, google supports it in its search and it is right there on the top.
The group of companies and products (blogger,youtube etc) that google owns are always a hit in SEO and go viral easily. It can be said that Kolaveri sucess is more of a Social Marketing/ Social engineering phenomenan than viral marketing. Marketing meritocracy alone cannot justify such a grand sucess of any product.

People must recognize that Kolaveri is not a viral marketing phenomenan at all. It is an acquitted case of Social engineering which will set game changing trends in viral marketing.
The Youtube Revolution

Behind the Scene Mechanics and the root cause :
1.  There had been lot of videos across the internet which had gone viral but none of the scale of Kolaveri. All previously hit videos had excellent online marketing strategy but none was so sucessful. It amuses me !

2. These days a song or any other entertainment keyword is searched on google, invariably a youtube video is displayed on the first 2-3 search results.

Shruti Hassan - One of the Kolaveri's
3. Going by the current popularity - youtube might become a game changer in the future of entertainment industry which is becoming more and more internet driven.

4. Sony Music Corp is an early adapter of new technology which also reflects in its marketing powerful process.The corporation wants to become a leader in the uprising internet entertainment industry.

5. Sony Music Corp and Google might have a mutually beneficial tradeoff. If Sony Music & Google have a agreement to make Kolaveri viral, then it will be a win-win for both Google and SonyMusic in the early days of internet entertainment industry and get an early advantage/edge over the few existing competitors.

6.       Tradeoff benefits :
Google :
  •  Google will get the data for consumer preference to improve its already intelligent search capability.
  •  Promotion of Youtube as an alternative to traditional entertainment media is another benefit.

Sony Music Corporation :
  •  Online marketing requires lower cost as compared to conventional marketing. Sony Music corp will get a cost advantage in both marketing and advertizing.
  • Kolaveri is a movie song which is release before the movie. Sony corp can potentially devire revenue benefits from the movie by piggybacking on the success of the song.

I hope, I have been able to beat the shit out of the mystery of Kolaveri's sucess.  If you like this article, share it on your facebook / retweet using the below toolbar.

-Bhaskar Tripathi
"It is our wits that make us men"


  1. yes Google has played a very important part in Kolaveri's sucess. but you have articulated it very well. I like your idea and there may be some truth behind it.

  2. yes google seems to promote few songs like Kolaveri. I totally agree that google wants to become a game changer in the entertainment industry by driving all the traffic of entertainment towards youtube.But this will happen at large scale in India and China only after a high internet penetration.

  3. Why this kolaveri da?

  4. Yes dude you have beaten the shit out of the mystery of Kolaveri's sucess.

  5. Trending song...

  6. why This kolaveri Diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


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