Saturday, August 21, 2010

What does Peepli Live teach you ?

Amir Khan - The real Artist
Unlike other Bollywood artists, Aamir Khan has time and again proved that in terms of intellect he is the most "Ameer" among the Khan's or his other coevals. When Aamir is involved in any capacity with a movie, people are already prepared for the unpredictable.There are surprises, there are emotions, there is a message, there is mouthful of comedy and there is entertainment. What more would you expect from movies?

One more commonplace about Aamir movies is that they force you to contemplate.
Be it TZP,Rang De Basanti,3-idiots or Peepli live, when you come out of the theatre,you are compelled to think about the issues and the messages given by the movie.They hit your deep visceral senses and your takeaway is not just entertainment.

All-in-all I had 5 major takeaways from the movie :

1) Not for pure entertainment.
2) Self-interested and TRP based Media
3) The sorry state of Farmers
4) Emotions and Comedy
5) The great Indian Politicians

Nattha & Family

So let me share my takeaways from Peepli Live.
1) First thing first - The movie is not for those who are looking pure entertainment or nonsense bollywood bottled shit.

2) The Media - We all know that the news channels depict 90% of the non-news as the "Breaking-news". Highlighting the trivial issues and ignoring the real issues like "farmer suicides" is their daily job. The movie throws light on the varied people who exploit the situation to their advantage, right from the politicians to the bureaucrats to the television reporters to the local people. The plight of a farmer (like Nattha) is hidden in a tiny corner of a huge country.

The best part about the movie is that it exposes the real truth behind the media.At no point does the media gets preachy or starts offering solutions to the grave issue. It's a mere tool that the news makers have used to discuss bureaucracy, the rural and urban divide and lack of concern of the administration.

One TV  journalist, in a desperate search for a new angle, tries to examine Natha's faeces to determine his emotional state. Nobody seems to care how Natha really feels.

I am personally frustrated by the height of irresponsibility of Media.The local village reported who tried to show some concern died a tragic death.It was really sad to swallow that scene.
(Media and Politics) - All about TRP & Votes

3) Farmer - The sorry Story- Peepli Live aims at sensitising the urban people towards the issue of farmer suicides.It may help people know about the problems farmers face.If you think that the world is full of infinite possibilities, then it might just be possible that some NGOs/Rural entrepreneurs might get sensitized and setup some organizations to deal with the farmer problems in our country's huge rural area.

I hope it does happen whenever it is intended.
The poor Indian farmers

4) Emotions and Comedy:
The common man's language has a deep impact on the film. The Sas-Bahu 'nok-jhok' are far better than Ekta Kapoor's boring KSBKBT soaps.Those looking for entertainment are not totally disappointed. I like the scene when Nattha stole the eggs from the local politician's chaupal.
Nattha's young son urging his dad to go through with suicide so that he can use the money to become a policeman was a mouthful comedy among many others.

The comedy is tragic but a brilliant satire.
Useless Gits of Propaganda

6) The great Indian Politicians:

Much has already been said and written all over the internet about politicians.It seems that becoming corrupt,Lacking in integrity and intemperance is becoming more of a fashion in our country. Politicians are the ideal role models for teaching these unerect traits to young Indian kids.

What are your takeaways in one word? I am waiting for your comments....
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