Sunday, November 1, 2009

What the heck is this Halloween ?

I have seen many of my friends residing outside India celebrating Halloween today.
Yes!! Today is the roman Halloween day.

But do we know what is Halloween ? Why the people of western society dress as Halloweens and pumpkins?

Halloween means - shortening of even(or evening) and it marks the Celtic New Year for Europeans and the America's.

Celebrating the end of the "lighter half" of the year and beginning of the "darker half" in such a fashion seems quite wierd and funny that the western society has still not come out of the dark ages even though they try to project themselves as the most learned genre of people.

Although some orthodox catholic churches refer this festival as a mark of respect to the ancestors.

But is it not highly debatable that activities like dressing as evil,becoming contrasting orange pumpkins on black color,painting your face in blood,carrying human skulls,throwing rotten eggs are considered a mark respect for ancestors ?

I mean WTF???

I do not feel sorry for being blunt to these britishers and only wish that the "clue" bird shits on their heads, blessing them with the allmighty ability of realising the difference between light and darkness.

I feel even more ruth for the Indians who follow this festival and try to become a part of it without actually knowing what it means.

In India, we respect our ancestors with "Shradh" which is just followed by Navratras. During Shradhs, we prepare the best food,give water(aargh) to our ancestors as a mark of respect.We also pray that that their spirits are liberated from the "jeevan chakra" (life-deathc cycle).

So my Indian friends - I request you to please do not forget your extremely strong roots and boycott this ugly festival.

I do not intend to be racial when I say : "What an ugly contrast - Dark skinned Indians celebrate diwali to get rid of darkness in their lifes while White skinned europeans celebrate Halloween to bring darkness in their lifes".

- Bhaskar Tripathi
"It is our wits that make us men!"
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